Launch a new capital raise or build your own private market for trading. The future is yours.
It’s all about control.
Build a totally custom capitalization strategy powered by the latest in blockchain technology.

Unlike any other product in the market, LIQUIFI gives total control to the company/issuer to build and design their own capital raise or secondary market for trading private company stock. LIQUIFI’s platform offers issuers a fully SEC compliant way to tokenize company stock on a blockchain ledger (Stellar) and integrate with a crypto-enabled payment provider (Coinbase) to build a totally customized and controlled capitalization and liquidity strategy.


Create an Asset

Assets are created on the blockchain ledger and represent a class of stock in your company. Each share is distributed to owners through digital wallets.

Raise Capital

Set-up a capital raise with options for full KYC/AML investor verifications, crypto payments, and document execution all embedded into your own website.

Build Your Market

A totally customized market for trading your company’s stock is now at your fingertips. Issuers define everything from market access permissions to custom trading parameters. Liquidity is now on your terms.
Our Technology

Distribute Shares

No transaction
Secure Record
of Ownership
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Management Team
Rachael Qualls
CEO and Co-Founder
Rachael is an entrepreneur and investor. She founded the Angel Capital Group – one of the largest investment groups in the country. Rachael has also been an LP and GP of funds. Having sat on both sides of the table, as both investor and entrepreneur, Rachael was able to develop Venture360 to meet the unique needs of both these diverse groups.
LeBraun Premo
CTO and Co-Founder

LeBraun is a Ruby developer and user experience expert with 10+ years experience. His past entrepreneurial ventures include being the CTO of DateCrates and Lead Developer for ZipBox Media.

Chris Cooley

Chris has lead sales teams at SpiderOak, a security first cloud back up company, and Red Nova Labs, a SaaS company that powers storEDGE — the technology powerhouse of the self storage industry. Chris has a passion for learning and helping companies grow.

Sarah Caldwell
Client Success Manager

Sarah oversees the onboarding process for new clients, as well as, manages continued communication and support for all existing clients. With her in-depth understanding of software and her passion for relationship building, she is able to break down any barriers you have with managing your capitalization more efficiently.

What Others Are Saying
Ruth Porat

Liquidity is oxygen for a financial system.

Abigail Johnson

Blockchain technology isn’t just a more efficient way to settle securities. It will fundamentally change market structures, and maybe even the architecture of the Internet itself.

Blythe Masters
JPMorgan Chase

The blockchain is the financial challenge of our time. It is going to change the way that our financial world operates.

David O. Sacks
Founding COO

Almost any illiquid asset today lends itself well to moving onto the blockchain and becoming tokenized. It will create a deeper market with improved price discovery and should increase the value of those assets.

Integrated Technologies

Assets are created using Stellar’s distributed ledger technology.

Fully crypto-enabled fund transfer options in addition to standard USD.

ID Verification up to full KYC/AML

Frequently Questions

An ICO is unique to cryptocurrency and occurs when a new currency is created by a company. The coin’s value is strictly determined by its ability to be circulated and relied upon as a currency.  An STO represents ownership, or a stake, in a real company. Therefore, an STO is regulated by the SEC. An STO’s value is derived by the value of the company itself.

Liquidity refers to the state of an asset, and how quickly it can be transacted, specifically – turning an asset into cash. Whether you are an investor or an employee who holds shares of a company, you are awaiting the opportunity to turn those shares into cash. Typically for a private company, that opportunity isn’t realized until a company is sold, receives a new round of funding, or goes public (IPO). The holding period waiting for liquidity is typically 7-10 years. With LIQUIFI, any person who holds shares of a tokenized company, can offer those shares for sale through the company’s private market, so long as, the company has set the market conditions to allow trading.

Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) are policies and best practices that are applied in investment markets. Regulation and jurisdiction varies by industry and locales. KYC is designed to ensure that the customer is who they say they are. This helps control for identity theft and fraud. Similarly, AML policies are designed to ensure that money which is being put into a market, was obtained legally and handled in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

New investments must be made through the company directly via a link placed somewhere for investors to access. Investors must register with the company and meet all of their investment requirements before a purchase can be made.

You are in complete control of who you invite to your private market or issue security tokens. Registered users on the LIQUIFI platform will not be able to see your market unless you directly invite them. The general public does not have access without an invitation.

Ready to build the future together?