Power your next capital raise with the latest in blockchain technology.

LIQUIFI provides a seamless integration within the issuer's website to setup a raise, verify investors' identities, execute closing documents, collect payments ranging from bitcoin to USD, and issue security tokens.



The future of cap table management is here.

LIQUIFI will create a unique asset or token on a blockchain network representing a class of stock. These security tokens are then issued to participating investors, which represents the most secure and progressive cap table on the planet. Investors can easily track and manage their assets within LIQUIFI's platform.


BUILD a private MARKET

Welcome to the revolution. Providing liquidity options to shareholders changes the private equity game.

Issuers can build totally private and custom marketplaces for trading security tokens. Issuers determine who can access their market and under what terms trading can occur, bringing unprecedented levels of liquidity to private assets in a completely secure and controlled environment.



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Enhanced security in a unique private market, designed with you and your shareholders in mind.

LIQUIFI does not offer or sell security tokens and has not been licensed to do so by any financial services, monetary authority, or commission. Nothing herein constitutes an offer, distribution, solicitation, or marketing to of any security token. LIQUIFI does not offer services or act as an exchange, transfer agent or escrow agent. LIQUIFI does not (i) provide tax, legal, or regulatory advice; (ii) market, sell, or effect the sale of any security token; (iii) hold any cash, virtual currency, security token or other asset for or on behalf of any third party.