We build markets for trading private company stock

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Build with us
Markets tailored specifically to suit your needs.
Imagine building a fully compliant private stock exchange where you control who can invest, how much, and how often. Liquifi packages this extremely complex task into a simple and easy to use application.
Private Companies
Approve investors to buy and sell private company stock with a company hosted marketplace.
Employee Stock Options
Allow employees to liquidate stock options with an employer hosted marketplace.
VC Funds and REITS
Grant fund participants the ability to trade ownership securely in a private marketplace.
Sport Teams
Engage fans and create long-term loyalty by allowing fans to purchase ownership in the team.
Build with simplicity
Configure the details. Let Liquifi do the rest.
We provide a comprehensive set of tools to define a market based on your requirements. Seriously, Liquifi makes trading ownership between qualified parties simple–see how it works.
Build with confidence
Compliance at the core. Regulation you control.
The SEC has clear regulations regarding initial issuance and secondary trading of private securities. We provide a framework for you to regulate trading of excempt securities in an SEC compliant environment.
Real-time banking funds transfers
We connect banks to simplify the funds transfer process by automatically depositing directly into your account.
Seamless document execution
Create a template and we will automatically deliver signing documents and collect signatures on your behalf.
Marketplaces accessible directly from your website
Once configured, your market can be accessible directly from your existing website.
We already have a proven track record of success.
We already have a proven track record of success.
We built Venture360–an investment management application for VCs, Angel groups, accelerators, and family offices. Organizations from all around the globe rely on Venture360 daily to track their investments.
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2014 – Founded
Venture360 dark
2015 – Launch
Venture360 introduced a suite of portfolio management products to help track the investment process for VCs, Angels, Accelerators, and family offices all over the world.
2017 – Companies
Expanded tools to manage the capital raising process from deal rooms to cap tables.
2019 – Version 2.0 (coming soon)
Rebuilt from scratch, we've streamlined the entire investment process, simplified the user interface, and significantly increased performance.


we supply the tools, you do the rest
If you have consulted your legal representatives regarding your company’s individual compliance with the SEC regulations and are ready to power your own marketplace, then this option is for you! Liquifi’s support team is here to help if you have questions during set-up. You should be up and trading in just a few minutes!


custom designed and maintained for you
If your organization requires a more custom or maintained solution, Liquifi will work closely with large enterprise clients to build specialized markets designed to perfectly fit any needs. Liquifi’s support team will create a custom market solution, such as trading employee stock options, a specific classes of stock, or anything else you have in mind. We will maintain all aspects of your market and help you scale over time. Whatever your conditions, we can build to suit.


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Who can see my company information on Liquifi?

What we do

Provide tools to assist in SEC compliant initial issuance of securities and subsequent trading of them
Help issuers build their own, private marketplaces for trading stock. These markets are only accessible through the issuer’s website portal and on the issuer’s terms.
Integrate with 3rd party providers to verify investor identities, perform KYC/AML where appropriate, and communicate with issuer-approved investors
Charge set-up fees and monthly hosting fees

What we don't do

Guarantee compliance with SEC regulations or provide legal advice about how to be SEC compliant when issuing or trading securities
Offer any kind of exchange for listing securities to be openly traded. Our markets are all controlled by the issuer.
Provide connections to investors or publically offer securities for sale in any way
Charge any kind of transaction fees or affect transactions
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